Malayna wearing glasses and a purple shirt in front of hot pink bouganvilla and a carved wooden screen

Hi there!  I'm Malayna Dawn, and Flrysh is how I'm doing my part to save the planet, while inviting people along.  By combining my digital media skills with live event coordination experience, I aim to foster Eco-Centric Creative Connection between people and organizations.  I love to champion those doing ecologically supportive work, and to introduce such friends to other friends who want to do their part to save our environment and planet, but are not sure exactly what to do, or just how to do it. 


Here are some cool, multi-syllabic words to describe Flrysh: a multimedia consultancy, community and communications hub.  We'll share information, inspiration and coordinated action to learn our way forward, together.  The "We" mentioned in the heading "Who We Are" starts with my existing network of amazing family, friends and colleagues, and extends to include anyone who wants to join us along the way!  I'd say if you're reading this, you just became part of Flrysh's "we".  Welcome!


We connect our collective dreaming with coordinated action


Media is a form of collective dreaming, so we harness modern digital media to connect, with a monthly, live-streamed gathering at Centers for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills, California.  In a talk-show format, we share information and inspiration about how we can be the best lovers and defenders of our immediate environment that we can be.  We'll also plan for one coordinated action to take that month.

Our coordinated action will be in the form of a field trip!  We will meet and share nature-based education and/or service experience together. 


The more connections we make with organizations already doing great work in our area, the better we can champion them to others and the stronger our network for good will be, right where we live. 

We share some core beliefs


​That we all flourish when Body, Mind and Spirit connect to Community, Environment and Planet.

We choose to engage our creativity as we shift into the currently emerging paradigm, which shows up in how we gather and share information, and how we take action and celebrate life. 

Inspired by and aligned with The Order of the Sacred Earth, we invite everyone to join us in taking the vow to be the best lovers and defenders of Earth we can be.  We are also associated with the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills, as well as Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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