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A Refined Vision of Reverence for Life

The end of 2017 and all of 2018 were rough, and I know I'm not alone in feeling that. It was a time of re-evaluation of my core beliefs. I was raised in Unity, and had been stretching out to connect with more of the New Thought community, mostly through music.

I have long turned to music for my spiritual direction, so Empower Music and Arts and the Posi-Tribe I found there was invigorating.

And then it felt like it all fell apart. Outwardly, my world appeared to have barely changed, but at my core, I lost my compass, and my faith in almost everything. I found my only solace in nature, and luckily my suburban neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley has plenty.

In drawing my focus inward for healing, I found myself hyper-local. But learning new things about the neighborhood I grew up in. I didn't know woodpeckers could be found here! I learned to detect the small sounds of nearby hummingbirds, or lizards under a bush. Sunshine. Trees. Flowers. LIFE. These simple, yet beautiful things, even in small doses, were healing. My family and my pets and my home. Little else seemed real or important in comparison.

And then, I found the above book, and I found a new spiritual home at Centers for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills. And in seeking a new purpose and a new direction, I was able to integrate their vision and modify it to my path, with support from a local community. I feel now, at my core, that Flrysh is that connection, and I invite you to join me in moving upward and onward, with hope and a plan of action to save ourselves and our planet together. It is time for us all to flourish!




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