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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Communities are like constellations. Each member a point of light that grows in influence when there are many. Some cultures have suggested that when we lose one of the bright lights from our community on earth, they become a light in the sky – part of the constellations that watch over us and love us from above.

In New Thought, that is a poetic way to describe Spirit. We don’t really believe in a literal location or fixed appearance, but we do like the concept of energy, of light, of spirit being like electricity, or tuning in to a radio frequency. So when our loved ones leave this earthly plane, they just shift. They transition into another frequency of existence where their physical bodies cannot travel.

I found out a friend from my teen years, someone I met in the Youth of Unity, passed suddenly earlier this week, in his mid-forties. I certainly don’t like the idea that we will not get to have a reunion with all our friends… but at the same time, I felt the truth that our relationship has been one of memories and smiles for many years. If not for social media, we might not have had any continued connection at all.

After our teenage years passed we lived in different places, and led different lives. And so now that he’s left his earthly body behind, our relationship will remain much the same, memories and smiles. I shared with another friend that even in his passing, he’s bringing people together and making us all smile, from our hearts. Sure, our eyes may get leaky in the process, but it’s all because of the love we shared. And that never leaves us. So thanks, Jason Fuller, and I think we will get to enjoy that reunion one day, in another energetic expression. But the truth is, we’ve never really been separated, and we aren’t separate now. We’re all one with the one, in the heart of all that is.

News Muse segment from the January 22, 2018 episode of the Totally Positive News show


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