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Finding Your Flock

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The recent marches have made it quite clear, none of us need to be alone in anything. We are made to work together, in community. Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it – we can do it too, fall in love with our ideals and our world, enough that we band together to make our collective dreams into realities.

However you describe your deep calling, you can find people to celebrate it with you. Take these examples from the Mother Nature Network’s list of 99 strange collective animal names:

You can be part of a richness of martens, or murmuration of starlings.

Join a shrewdness of apes, or a parade of elephants.

Be in a business of ferrets or a conspiracy of lemurs.

Have the pride of lions or a leap of leopards.

A romp of otters or a convocation of eagles

A Charm of finches or a party of jays

An exultation of larks or a parliament of owls

An ostentation of peacocks or maelstrom of salamanders

A consortium of crabs or a risk of lobsters.

Whatever type of activity or area of study calls to you, you can find others that resonate on your frequency. And if you find yourself surrounded by people that don’t appreciate you, you’re in the wrong group! Go where you are not merely tolerated, but celebrated!

Each of us has gifts and strengths and talents that may seem to come to us, or through us, so effortlessly that we overlook them and instead choose pursuits that put us through a real slog. You don’t have to be the ugly duckling anymore, you don’t have to prove your worth to people who don’t get it. Find your bevy of swans and be your best self! Imagine a world where each of us has found our perfect place of being, where each one is so fulfilled in their place of promise that they don’t need to take anything away from anyone else. What a wonderful it could be!

News Muse segment from the March 31, 2018 episode of the Totally Positive News show


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