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Help us reshape the stories we tell to emphasize nature and the intersection of science and inspiration. 


Artists help us make the connection between head and heart, and what we love, we protect.  So we need to help people fall in love with the natural world again!

We connect mind and heart through knowledge and story. We are all humans, experiencing life on planet Earth, observing it all, and telling stories and sharing art in order to understand it. 


At this time in our world, where our focus is so often on differences and fragmentation, it seems logical that our healing can only come from celebrating what we share.  We are natural physical beings in a natural physical world, and we have curious and creative minds, and feeling hearts and souls that yearn for expression, connection, peace, completeness, joy. 


SO, to flourish, like plants in an abundant garden, we need to satisfy our curiosity, with science and study and observation and express our creativity through art and story, building connections that engage our hearts in community and connect our souls to the real world that alive around us by engaging with nature. 


When we do that, we won’t need to work or fight to save the world.  Our courage and heroism will be expressed when we stand strong in our own truth and beliefs. When our work feeds our souls, and we are fighting FOR what we love, we save ourselves and the world at once.  Creative heroism, inspired action.  Let’s do this! 

Here's how we'll reshape our stories, together:


PROMOTION - Our monthly talk show is live-streamed and can be easily shared on social media, by your friends and ours. Plus when we promote Flrysh, we promote all who join with us.


EVENT PLANNING - Opportunities abound for cross-pollination!  Whenever we have a chance to celebrate nature together, there's an opportunity for interconnection. 

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