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Organizations and businesses that already support the environment can benefit by being part of our promotional co-op network.

Promotion and marketing can be challenging for small businesses and organizations that are busy trying to save the world.  But Flrysh can help! 

BE ON THE SHOW AS A GUEST - Helping us share information about the ecology and services available in the San Fernando Valley helps promote your organization, business or service.  Together we can offer our community what they need to be ecologically friendly to our shared environment. Our monthly talk show is live streamed and easily shared on social media, plus when we promote Flrysh on broadcast or print media, we promote all who join with us.

HOST A FIELD TRIP -  we will bring a group of people to you, and you can make a personal connection and create that coveted word-of-mouth promotion. If you are an organization that needs volunteers, this is a great way to connect with potential supporters.

SPONSOR A PROMOTION - if neither of the above fits for you, maybe you'd like to financially support a postcard mailing or Facebook ad, or perhaps t-shirts or baseball caps people can wear to field trips. 


As we meet and work with local services and organizations, we'll share their contact info so our audience and community knows where to turn for information or support.  Cross-pollination and cooperative promotion!​

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