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F-Words for Forward Momentum

Flrysh after LifeQuake - Finally Feel Feelings -Rage needs space to ‘splode!

campfire pops and sparks explode upward
Fire exploding on the ground (photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash)

In dropping everything to the ground and letting the earth absorb everything, the tears and the pain and all the crap and dead relationships that I had been carrying, I was finally really feeling my feelings.

And for that there needs to be space.

There needs to be air.

I didn’t want things to remain buried underground or hidden in a cave.

You can't light fires or blow things up unless you've got air and a spark to ignite.

I found myself raging out at the smallest things. And that's largely because I was so busy carrying the heaviest things, and managing them, so the smallest things set me off.

The rage surprised me. I found that I could not speak to most people, I had to communicate by email or text, because if I spoke to them, I was afraid that I would lose my cool and start cursing them out with the worst language possible.

Even in my head, I became so overwhelmed by the amount of F-words and anger that I looked for a way to transform them.

I changed “ Fuuuuuuck” to mean I had to point my attention back to me – I had to say to myself time to do something “For yoU, yoU, yoU, yoU, see? Kay!” So instead of just the expression of rage, I had to nurture myself in my thoughts as I was cussing.

So that's what we're working with here, with: Fuck ‘em. Fuck it. Fuck You.

All different ways of changing anger to something positive and useful so I didn't have to live in the rage. Because it lasted long enough that I didn't want to live there anymore.

Forgive the


Challenge them

Kindly to

Educate and














I’m Swell.

Rainbow handwritten F-Yeah acrostic by Malayna Dawn
Rainbow handwritten F-Yeah acrostic by Malayna Dawn


Up on



Yes to




Rainbow cursive written acrostic for F-You
F-You Rainbow handwritten by Malayna Dawn

For every slight

Understand I

Care little.

Kindness is what I value.

Your tactics don’t meet even

Ordinary basics of tact. I must

Urge you to go elsewhere.

It's a fun game of feeling what I feel, and then going forward to somewhere better. And funnier.

F-words: Feeling Feelings, Fires Forget, Forgive, Fling, Fill-up, Funnier


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